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April PACA Breakfast at the HPOU

The Quarterly PACA breakfast this morning brought together a fellowship of sharing and learning. Senior Police Officer Barry Curtis coordinated the event which began by an address by Acting Chief of Police Martha I. Montalvo. She addressed issues such as the proposed budget, the recent flooding, and any questions asked by the attendees.

Senior Police Officer Janette Arceneaux of HPD Public Affairs spoke about a new initiative involving PACA members. Recently, a Senior Safety Event was held at the Sunnyside Multi-Service Center. The goal was to bring services to seniors that will help secure them in their own homes. PACA members were asked to volunteer at future events.

Kyle Seitzinger of the U.S. Marshal's Office spoke about starting a similar clergy program within the U.S. Marshal's and solicited any help and advice from PACA.

Finally, Stephen Daniel of HPD Public Affair presented his oft-requested program "Survive an Active Shooter." 

Thank you to everyone who attended!